That’s not a photography

The painting is done by Pedro Campos, who specializes in hyperrealistic paintings.

Five years ago we featured the incredible work of Spanish artist Pedro Campos.

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, the 50-year-old worked in a variety of creative fields from interior decorating and illustration (at an ad agency); to art reinstatement on furnishings, paintings and sculptures. He fundamentally didn’t even begin oil painting until the age of 30!

Campos credits his work in restoration in nurturing his skill in hyper realistic painting. “The restoration of lost areas in antique paintings forces you to seek exactitude in colour; any personal interference should go unnoticed,” he tells the Huffington Post.

Campos is represented by the Plus One Gallery in London, England and you can see his work at the gallery’s annual group exhibition ‘Winter Show‘, which runs from January 24th to February 25th, 2017.