This is a Belgian Blue Bull.

This is a Belgian Blue Bull. Weighing up to 1300 kg. Often referred to as double muscled bulls. It’s a result of a crossbreeding project that dates back to the 50’is. It’s not a bull on steroids or any other conspiracies about how they got so big.

Imagine the difference in the size and weight of the cow. The weight of a normal bull can make a cows back legs give way and make them do the splits. It’s not exactly humane. Imagine the damage the weight of that monster would do and the size of the calves

5 thoughts on “This is a Belgian Blue Bull.

  1. Encountered these in Ag school in the 70’s. They were then, and are now, an abomination which begs the question, WHY? Why work this genetic travesty on an animal? Often, the question “why” is not asked by science. Thus we have double muscled cattle and hogs, turkeys that outgrow the strength of their own leg bones, and “fainting” goats. Where is the sense of right and wrong?

  2. I raise cattle my self. This cattle where bred to be like like this there body’s can handle it. The bulls are very big they could easily knock cows hips out of place but so can other breeds black angus,chianinas cows from Italy they also are big so you AI them artificial insiminate. Cattle ranchers know this if they been around a while so do the people breeding them. It’s about supply an demand no deferent the the guys on Wall Street how can we make more money less coast more bang for your buck? Well there it is in a nut shell I don’t know that’s my opinion as far as the chickens an turkey growing big an three months ready to eat hey I didn’t see anybody mad at KFC are Chick fil la lol. What can you really do about it? Kill your own beef like we do an you want have any questions.

  3. This is NOT technology neither engineering for breeding animals absolutely wrong. Genetics or crossbreeding does not means to cull the substance. Think about economic solution of cattle farming with sustainable growth formulas also taking benefits specially for small farmers across the world.

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